Agency agent turned law enforcement instructor, and Framingham police officer Matthew Gutwill showed the local first fold-up house how illegal narcotics production can be done just about anywhere, using common household items easily available at a hardware or camping supply store.To demonstrate the ease with which illegal drug laboratories can be set up, two law enforcement narcotics experts whipped up a batch of methamphetamine in the parking lot of Hadley Farms Meeting House -- all under the watchful eye of a few hundred police officers and firefighters.

More than 270 police officers and firefighters from around the state attended the day-long conference that was sponsored by the Northampton police and fire departments and the Northampton Board of Public Health.The opioid epidemic, resulting in thousands of overdoses and deaths across the region, is also no secret to anyone in public safety.

Any evidence from the scene of a drug raid where the presence of fentanyl is even suspected should be processed at the scene and properly bagged as evidence, Gutwill explained -- and then the outsides of the bags should be decontaminated before they are transferred to the station.