Temperatures during the summer months keep steady in the mid to upper 70s, and winter averages are a desirable 60 degrees. Mobile and manufactured homes are also readily offered, as well as, assisted living facilities. Located between San Diego and Los Angeles, the Oceanside area is a prominent vacation spot for travelers from far and wide. To keep up with the continually growing Oceanside area, newer homes for sale in Oceanside are being constructed.

Homes for sale in Oceanside are also blessed with an ideal climate. The downtown area is filled with numerous shops and restaurants, and is also home to various activities held throughout the year.

Considered some of the most affordable real estate in Prefab House Kits all of Southern California, the homes for sale in Oceanside offer luxury at an unbeatable price. As the population continues to increase, the number of homes for sale in Oceanside will also grow. Homes for sale in Oceanside create an atmosphere unique to the esteemed beach town, and add to both the elegance and character of the entire area.

San Diego County's largest festival of collectibles and antiques is held on Mission Avenue each fall. Also known for its excellent surfing culture, Oceanside hosts several popular surfing competitions throughout the year.

Homes for sale in Oceanside contain more than three miles of quality Pacific Ocean coastline, and are surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California. With convenient beach access and container homes abundant parking options, those purchasing homes for sale in Oceanside will have ample opportunity to bask in the glory of the coast. This pleasant climate allows residents to enjoy various outdoor activities all year round. Surfing, fishing, and other water sport enthusiasts consider Oceanside a perfect destination for both residence and vacation. The Farmer's Market occurs weekly, and plays host to both local and regional vendors of homemade food and fresh produce, as well as unique gifts. Closer inland, newer developments reign, with modern homes the focus of the area.