Warehouse staffing can be a nightmare in today's world with unqualified candidates and the need to be productive in comparison with work ethic of today's warehouse work force. Many companies today look for 2nd tier and 3rd tier support when assisting their selves in day to day prefab warehouse operations.

There can be many benefits of using lumper services or using warehouse temp agencies as long as the company you use is not only productive but competent for the type of warehouse operations your company is involved in. You need to look for quality and a proven track record of consistency in delivering not only productive services but also safety and the right types of insurance. There are a ton of benefits and I'm going to show you a few that stand out on making the most out of you warehouse operation.First you need to look for a service that pays their employees on one hundred percentage productivity or at least a huge emphasis on productivity bonus if paying by the hour. The problem with many temp agencies they are not warehouse literate.

Many companies don't offer much training and take workforce right off the street and put them in positions that they are not qualified for. You need employees working for you that are certified in all the equipment that will be necessary for they job that they will perform for your company. You must site certify them to meet OSHA regulations, but by them already having the knowledge it will be a easy transition from temp to perm or just using them as a 3rd party assisting your day to day warehouse operations.Third, you must look into proper safety training.

They have a good ideal on general labor, but you will not get the most out of them when using them because they don't have the experience. But when you deal with a company that pays one hundred percentage productivity you know for a fact that have to deliver the goods or they will not only not make much money but the employees who are slacking will not be compensated well in their payroll. So for a company to pay pure productivity they must be time tested and over qualified.Second, you need to look for a company that trains their employees well.

Safety is a huge issue and not only can save you company in the millions of dollars of lawsuits but can also save you a ton in workman's compensation. Safety programs must be a part of your lumpers service or temp agencies warehouse orientation program and this will help protect you from unnecessary cost related to events that can happen and could cost your company a fortune in case of this horrible event. Solid Prefab House Kits staffing agencies, lumper's services, and warehouse temp agencies must have a good safety program to assist you with ensuring the risk management and safety of your warehouse.Warehouse lumpers, warehouse temp staffing, and warehouse 3rd party operations can play a huge roll in helping your warehouse save money and cut cost. Just do you due diligence and make this a great relationship between your warehouse and your future 3rd party or staffing partner.