Ultimately, the Smart grid won't consist of just one app but multiple ways of Steel Frame Modular House accessing it through a bundle of applications.

Most want to use their smartphone to make life easier. cooked/clean); Preheat my oven or turn it off; start appliances for self-clean; tell me what I need to stock the fridge; start or refresh the laundry; start the dishwasher.e. 12, 2012 10:30 AM -
Companies are now unveiling the next generation of products and devices designed for life on the Grid. Ovens that download recipes.

While consumers want to be green, they still want to retain control but will change their energy consumption choices if they are given real-time information about how much energy is being used.). This Prefab House will also affect product design. A home energy management device will read usages from appliances and signals from power companies to optimize energy use.

Stirling, who is responsible for championing next generation smart appliances connected to the emerging electrical smart grid, will participate in two panel discussions on this topic. Even more appealing for consumers is peace of mind driven by alerts and notifications and 'remote control' functionality. The panel discusses what consumers can look forward to in functionality, timing and total home integration.

Seventy-eight percent are interested in monitoring their household's energy use. With these new smart appliances, consumers can easily shift their energy consumption to off-peak times " saving money and benefitting the environment.

Appliances will be able to provide even more feedback to consumers whether it is the concept of preventative maintenance or use and care guides.

Smart Grid development has spurred innovation in home appliances, controls and electronics. For example, some of the controls on appliances may be eliminated and be controlled via mobile phone. More importantly, users don't want to just monitor and manage energy but control functions on their appliances and all home management functions including security systems and water and temperature management.