You may invest big money on a top-of-the-line warehouse pallet racking system but if the system isn’t configured in a productive way, you many never see the return on the investment of pallet racks, pallet rack shelving, and all the bells and whistles that make the system function.  For expert advice on configuring the most efficient system of pallet racks, St. Louis-based MW Rack Manufacturing is the place to go. How can you improve the productivity of the pallet rack shelving system you envision or already have in place?  Consider these elements: Pick the best path - It takes time to maneuver through a maze of warehouse pallet racks so make the path from the beginning to end as smoothly flowing as possible. 

Shuffling boxes at every stop is time consuming and eats away at your bottom line. Wow your workforce - No matter how well oiled your warehouse rack and order filling systems, warehousing is hard work.  Provide plenty of water so everyone stays well hydrated, use fatigue mats everywhere an employee stands in place for extended periods of time, and make sure the warehouse is well ventilated and temperature is at a comfortable zone so every warehouse employee knows he or she is appreciated. Ask the experts - You may have relied on expert opinion to design your warehouse pallet racking system but surprises often come once business is in full swing.  Ask your warehouse staff what improvements can be made - to their work experience, the pallet rack shelving and inventory system, the environment, whatever - so each one is proud to work for you.  Theories, CAD, and sales pitches often sound great in the beginning but it’s the experts in the trenches who really know how productive a system of operations is.

Make sure the picking process begins at the end of the Cheap Mobile Homes where orders are received and that it ends at the wrapping, staging, and loading zones. Identify your top hits - Remember the 80/20 rule when establishing locations for your inventory - 20% of your products probably account for 80% of your sales.  Put these 20% biggest sellers on warehouse racks that are the easiest to reach. Think big at the end of the line - Put the biggest, heaviest, bulkiest products near the end of the picking line so they don’t overwhelm the process of filling an order.  Have the sturdiest pallet racks fixed in place near the end of the line and make sure they are reserved for over-sized items only.

Rack for rotation - All inventory, no matter what it is, has a shelf life.  Make sure your pallet rack shelving is configured in a way that makes product rotation easy and efficient. Learn to load properly - Load freight trucks so that the first items to go into the truck’s cargo area are the last items that need delivering.