Hap helps eligible military and civilian Federal employee homeowners who own distressed San Diego Real Estate. To buy San Diego Real Estate as a military member you have various options when it comes to loans.

Generally, CalVet loans have less stringent requirements than VA loans which make them more attractive.

The only down side and perhaps the most daunting aspect to receiving HAP assistance to get out of your upside down San Diego real estate property is the troublesome paper work and qualification process which you have to undergo as an applicant.

California Veterans who were part of the following conflicts are eligible: WWI, WWII, Korean conflict, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Operation Desert Shield, and Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan, and Operation Iraqi Freedom, all these are veterans who can qualify for a California Veteran loan.mil/homepage. First there is the VA loan.

To apply for CalVet loan you need a certificate of eligibility and a certificate of value.

San Diego Real Estate can also be purchased with a Cal Vet loan for California military residents.

If in the future, you decide to purchase San Diego Real Estate again there exists exclusive loans for military or civilian personnel. For a VA loan you are not required to have a down payment so you can buy San Diego Real Estate with zero down.

CalVet loans are loans sponsored and backed by the California Department of Veterans Affair. The GOV"T can reimburse you for part of your loss from selling your home, or

This means if you are eligible for Hap you may be able to sell your San Diego Real Estate property even if you are upside down in a conventional sale. If you are working with a real estate agent to sell your San Diego Real Estate property, do not worry, agent fees will be paid by HAP. CalVet loans can also be used for house remodeling and purchasing mobile homes. If you are upside down, the government may grant you relief by buying your home.