In addition to the many people who will lose their jobs, grocery retailers that have long depended on Central Grocers will also feel the impact of the bankruptcy. While some have already switched to other distributors, many are still owed large chunks of money.

Take for example, Sami Deffala, owner of Morgan Mini Mart, a corner store in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood, who said he's still owed a $10,000 deposit — a substantial sum for a small store operator. Recently, Central Grocers cut him a check for the deposit but the payment isn't going through, Deffala said.

The layoffs are expected to occur between June 26 and July 10 as the cooperative's business gradually shuts down, according to a mass layoff notice sent to employees Wednesday.Supermarkets have been slow, wasteful and expensive. How a recipe box company is changing how food gets from farm to plate.

Last month, Central Grocers announced plans to sell 22 Strack & Van Til stores while closing nine "underperforming" Ultra stores. About 750 workers at seven of those Ultra stores in the Cook County suburbs will be laid off by June 17, according the state's April 30 report on layoff notices.

On Thursday, the company said it expects to enter into a sales agreement for 19 of the Strack & Van Til stores soon with a "stalking horse bidder" and intends to auction the nearly 1 million-square-foot Joliet warehouse and headquarters as well as other assets